Белият зъб

Появи се в квартала преди около месец, незнайно откъде. Спеше под открито небе или свит под някоя кола. Хората от блока го хранеха,а той им близваше ръката в знак на благодарност и ги гледаше с най-топлите кафеви очи. Децата го кръстиха Белия зъб, галеха го, играеха с него, а той махаше с опашка доволен и щастлив. До миналата неделя, през нощта. Простреляха го с въздушна пушка – така и не разбрахме кой и защо? На сутринта го намерихме свит на кълбо под едно дърво зад блока, целият му преден ляв крак беше в кръв, не можеше да стъпва на него. Закарахме го в клиниката и от снимката се разбра, че има сачма от въздушна пушка в крачето. След дълго лечение и въпреки че за него нещата не започнаха по най-добрия начин, сега Том се чувства прекрасно в новия си дом.
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Pinch you pinch. "The Zhang

Pinch you pinch. "The Zhang coach factory Li Jiao quickly touch the money in their own pockets, is gone, she exclaimed:" It's over, the money is gone in my bag, sister brother louis vuitton purses must touch to reach paying the money to me! "He ran channel:" I have not touched your money, your money must be grilled brother to touch. "Li Jiao said:" Steak the brother not others, Grilled brother is your bad sister brother! I arrived home, me the money still. Your wine, I'm drunk, and he touched me money away. My thirty thousand dollars two years to live frugally, earned with tears, to take home to mom. Sister brother unreasonable, not only an insult to my body, go my money Youmo. My sister is my compatriots and sisters, you see the name of mother, called her husband the money he owes me. Anita Cheung said: "You're far Heung night total of those clients knead the past, that rub over, everyone rubbing too; Tonight you brother eat drunken rubbing your look, you should forgive him." Not wash your dirty linen in public, do not pile of feces does not stink to it the weight of the state smelly. Your brother-in-law really touched your money, your money is definitely out of the way, our home should also pick up your money with you. "Zhang Li Jiao angrily scolded:" Hey, it seems you two The hole is cheap coach purses in cahoots to plot against me. You two strokes the days playing Wulei caught the evil men and women dare to eat her mother's dutiful son money. I limit you within five minutes of the money he owes me, Alternatively, I'm going to call the police! "Anita Cheung said:" You're going to hang himself, there is a rope! "Zhang Li Jiao dressed, the shoes will go to the police, any contingent Korea Jiao hold wrestled to the ground, Korea Jiao cry:" Help, sister brother murder through a hold! "So home without coach outlet neighbors, so that no one heard. Anita Cheung grip vail plugged Zhang Li Jiao mouth, He ran through from the lower back on taking the dagger reached Zhang Li Jiao chest. Poor Lai Jiao, Pink painted, stained with blood, clothing, Vengeful died, a poem sighed and said:

"Compatriots wins Lu What injustice, the crows feeding bully phoenix luan.

Difficult to avoid the evil wind nobile broken, hate breaking autumn lotus residual! '

Murderer kill ring awakened by the bed, the four-year-old baby, that baby saw the empress killed on the ground, a pool of blood flow, scared wah crying, his mother quickly get sugar to his funny live.

Murderer amputated Korea Jiao of meat cook to pigs to eat. When he cut off the breasts and pussy, authentic to himself: "These two things as valuable, as charming as precious, showed that pigs eat a pity, I have to roast it to do tapas. In his milk body and pussy salted or loaded into a small jar buried in the earth. Anita Cheung Lai Jiao meat pot cooked to pigs to eat. The murderer again Lai Jiao bones fitted with a large jar from the deep house ground.

Said Lai Jiao's mother - Shuxian received Korea Jiao's phone has been five coach outlet online days, but not Korea Jiao returned, she was very anxious. In the evening, she made a dream, the dream of Lai Jiao back, she said to his mother: "Mom, I'll give you back to the 30,000 dollars on the Public Security Bureau in the you to the Public Security Bureau to get." Shuxian think The dream behind it does not bode well, and my heart more anxious. She hurried to ask the son-in-law at home. He ran through the couple guilty conscience, to see the mother came, the couple own a perverse expression. Anita Cheung warmly received the mother, her mother said: "sister did not come back, she always went to a friend's house, you're playing with me ..." He ran laxative catch rooster kill to entertain the mother-in-law. -Year-old baby when he killed the rooster Road: "Ah! Kill the rooster's blood did not kill the Goddess blood! To kill cock did not kill the empress terrible!" Just because Komago mouth, then grandmother, emergency off intra-abdominal intestines! Shuxian hear grandson, surprise, instantaneous, she burst into tears, wear a heart like an arrow. He ran through knowing the matter Shui he coach factory outlet even play babe two slap Road: "Your doll crazy talk nonsense!" Hit the coach factory online baby crying. Shuxian remove sugar from the bag to the grandson and grandson received behind the house and asked: "You say kill the rooster did not kill the empress of blood, which the empress killed?" Grandson Road: "My parents kept the Goddess killed. The grandmother asked again: Goddess corpse where to put it? "The grandson said:" Goddess of meat cooked to the pigs ate the bones buried in the house earth from the jar installed. Grandmother listened to grandson Huoji one hundred thousand to be walk. Anita Cheung to drag his mother into the house for lunch, his mother cried and said: "The aging mother forever not board the threshold of your home and into your house is not the meat of his aging mother cuts off for pig feed! I had known that this is your share of cargo, born'll throw urine tank! coach factory outlet online Disobedience unfilial assailant inverse kinds of evil, his aging mother reported that you do not, the law of the land does not to spare you tenrai should punish you ". Anita Cheung knew the matter to bad the jar mouth good seal, coach purses outlet the baby's mouth is difficult to seal.

Shuxian anger happens back down on the way home, groggy, heart like burnt. She do not have some ideological struggle: "To want to go to report the woman and son-in-law will be sentenced to death, cut off both their own offspring, and grandson became orphans do not report, my Hyo children are the tragic death in their lives, who for her revenge ? Liyun Wu inverse unfilial name, that I never miss a meal she does good things, why today they kill a chicken to entertain me, they are the dismal Stop stop stop! I prefer when a solitary person, not stay inverse kinds. aging mother if there breath, but also for my daughter's dutiful son redress the grievances of revenge is no wonder that not Korea Jiao and I vote in a dream, that I went to the Public Security Bureau to withdraw money, this is her in the shade away a filial, and this is she wants to mother coach outlet store to the Public Security Bureau to report her innocence ... "she quickly reported the matter to the Public Security Bureau.

The day of the Public Security Bureau sent several members of the public security He ran through, Anita Cheung arrest. He ran through, Anita Cheung was sentenced to death and shot immediately. Public Security Bureau He ran through burglary to fetch 30,000 dollars all over Korea Jiao's mother, the public security again Lai Jiao bone dug out called Shuxian calcined bone fire burial. Korea Jiao's mother holding the number of Korea Jiao casket chatter floor crying:

Crying sorrow fog rolling, the crying days Lei Yu dripping.

Tears in the rivers and the river rose, hate pressure Peak hills Shen!

Someone wrote a poem for them, saying:

"Relatives could not as good as the birds with the forest, the only house ghost harm household coach outlet store gods.

Pole beans do Cai also Zhudou the cell sister too hideous face. '