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Получен е сигнал, че в разградско село си имат сериен убиец. До сега са убити 18 кучета. Повечето от тях са пазачи на животни или на имоти, които през деня са и в двора, и на улицата. Някои от тях са заколвани, след което премествани от мястото. Други са отстрелвани. Всички си приличат по едно - отрязани са им скалповете и ушите, след извършване на убийството. Труповете им остават захвърлени в околностите на селото или изгаряни. И никога повече не ги виждат. Заснето и са трупове от убийство, извършено преди два до четири дни, предвид състоянието им.


Хората са притеснени, че утре такъв тип може да посегне на живота на децата им.


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Bling never had it better! To get noticed these days, you really need to be at your glittery best. Sequins, zardozi, beads, crystals and stone work on sarees and salwar kameezes make any outfit dazzle.Zari appliqués and thread work also bring out the best in any outfit. Resham thread work salwar kameezes are a Coach Factory Online must-have in any wardrobe. They can be jazzed up for any occasion with the right up of jewelry and accessories. coach outlet store online The mantra for bling is the brighter and bigger, the more beautiful. So go ahead and bring coach factory outlet online the bling on! After all, if you have it, then why not www.louisvuittonpursebag.com flaunt it.Recently, I overheard someone say that pink is coach outlet online the new red and red is passé when it comes to Indian fashion. I beg to differ! Pink is pink and red is, well, red. Both these classic colors have their own place and make their own style statement.

Red will always be a favorite. Other colors will come and go but the coach handbags outlet love for red will always remain. A red chiffon saree or a red bridal lehenga are irreplaceable fashion classics. Pink will also always be a favorite. A pink salwar kameez or a pink lehenga saree will always exude youthful elegance and will always find its place in an Indian wardrobe.

So, in the battle of pink vs red, it’s clear that they’re both much loved coach outlet online and here to stay fashion favorites.The Punjabi seasonal festival, Lohri, is a few days away. A day that marks the coach outlet online eve of the winter solstice, it’s a festival celebrated with much fanfare.

This Lohri, we suggest going traditional. Gather around the bonfire sporting the most stylish Patiala salwar kameez. The Patiala salwar is comfortably loose to wear with pleats that give it a trademark look. The kameez that goes with a Patiala salwar should ideally Louis Vuitton Purses be knee-length to highlight the elegant coach purses outlet fall of the pleats. Slip on a pair of juttis, put on some bangles and weave a parandi in to your hair for a truly Punjabi look.

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One of the best things about coaching is it lacks some of the restraints of it’s distant cousinscoach factory outlet, therapy and teachingcoach outlet. For instance, your coach purse is free to accompany you to a speaking engagement to critique your styleCoach sunglasses
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