Young man named Evgenii Andreev going under the name Evgenii Aspidov adopts animals (kittens and dogs) from kind hearted people, who are looking to find a home for them.

It comes out that the man who is an IT specialist, keeps in his house in Gorni Losen Village some few kilometers from Sofia snakes- boa constrictor; tiger python and a pair of rattle snakes (Crotalus Durissus Terrificus). His nick-name comes from   Elapidae snakes family (in Bulgarian language Aspidov). In the ophiophile circles he is known as Gena the Cobra.

The „adopted” kittens and dogs instead of the promised love and care get to be a “diverse” snake food. Well dressed and very normal looking, he easily gains the foster parents trust. The adopted animals as well as others animals - rabbits, hamsters and birds end in the terrarium. He waits with pleasure while the snake injects its poison. Slaps playfully the almost dead hamster, wrapped by the snake, and sings “Little bunny” to the agonizing rabbit. His camera films in details the biting and the victims’ dying convulsions. After death he caresses ritualistically the snake on the head. After that he skins, cuts and offers the body to the snakes.

His true motivation is not only to ensure cheap food for his exotic pets, but to experience the pathologic pleasure from the animals’ painful death. Under nicknames Cobra666, Naja666 King666Cobra he describes the executions in forums, publishes the video clips in his sites free.hit.bg/cobra666gallery/http://www.freewebs.com/my666snakes/ (already removed), and brags about them even to the people he does not know. He does not conceal his satisfaction from the fact that there are no laws to get on his way. Is he right to think that he is invincible?

Young people from the Bulgarian ophiophile circles, shocked by what happened, call to the prevention of animal cruelty organizations. In July 2008 IWNS places a complain to the NVS, RIEW  and Interior Ministry with a full case description, exact address, CD with the murders and the real name of the person. Investigating Authorities find it interesting, but based on the legislation in force have no authority to act.  From NVS and RIEW up to the moment (Jan. 2009), there is no response in writing.

Foundation Four Paws presents the case to TV2, and on 10.10.2008 the TV Show called Stories with Patrashkova, tells Andreevs’ story uncut and plays parts of the video clips. Watch the uncut version of the Show Stories with Patrashkova from 10.11.2008 г. here:

The outrage of the people blows up the internet. Sites and video clips began to disappear, and Gena the Cobra apparently alarmed, deletes all published materials himself.  Police visits his home address but finds out he’s already moved away. Everything ends there. Rumor has it he has left for Czech Republic.

Some of the Cobra's rampant virtual performances: