On 30.11.2007 in the Б-5 district in Sofia, a burning like a torch cat runs wild. Two ladies try to put down the fire - one of them succeeds by using her jacket. The cat had been set on fire for fun by teenagers ages 15 to 17. On the burning body PVC was placed, so that it can melt. 

The cat was admitted in the "Good Idea" veterinary clinic in a state of shock. Cat remained in coma for three days. It came out of the coma, but had approximately 40 seizures within two days period.  Pain was unbelievable. Every touch on the cat’s skin in order treatment to be performed, led to seizure or screaming. Damages were extensive – the whole rear part of the body had deep burns mostly due to the melting PVC. Fur had been missing on the most parts of the body. Ears were charred cartilages, their form had changed. There were no whiskers – they had burned out.

Three mounts recovery period follows. Some scars remain. One ear is crooked, some neurologic symptoms remain – when in stress the cat losses balance, pupils dilate and the animal falls back. On the fourth mount Plamena is adopted. She discontinues screaming and jumping in her sleep eight mounts after the horror. Today she lives with 1 cat and 4 dogs.