How to help?

If you want to help, here is more information how you can take part of the campaign:

1. Sign the Petition and join the national protest, organized by the people in Facebook

2. Write "Mima
Everyone was touched by the story of Mima; the dog from Dryanovo, whose limbs were brutally cut off.
Her name is now tied forever to tragedy, horror, fear and dismay.
The tragedy to see the dog, maimed, lying helplessly after all four of her legs have been severed.
The horror that the man who has done this is also our neighbor, our friend, our relative.
The fear that the perpetrator of this terrible crime can, perhaps never, be found and stopped.
The dismay that there is no law, by which this perpetrator will be punished for his sadistic action.

But in the blackness there is a glimmer of hope!
Hope that Mima shall carry on, heal and have a chance to adjust to a life in suitable conditions.
Hope that our community is united and insists on taking legal measures. To make changes to our Penal Code that will ensure that such displays of unspeakable cruelty be considered criminal acts.

Show your support!

Write Mima's name with whatever you choose―with your bodies, with the aid of your dog or cat, with hearts... be creative!

Then take a picture of it. Make sure that the picture shows the configuration, send it to and include your name and where you are from.

All collected photos will be published on the website and will be used when addressing the media and the lawmakers, in order to show the response of our community.

Together, let's write the name of Mima as the symbol of protest against such violent acts and as an expression of our wish that there be no more such victims, whose death and suffering no one has taken responsibility for and no one will ever be punished!

We are waiting for your pictures at
Don't forget to include the name of the author of the picture and where the author is from.
Send us only high-quality pictures that measure at least 1024x768 pixels.
The authors retain all rights over the materials they sent. City of Responsible People has the right to use the materials in advertisements and efforts to popularize the campaign.

3. Print and distribute the poster of the campaign.

Download the form here.

4. Spread the appeal.

Send it to your friends, write it in your blog, put it on your site... Download a banner here.

5. If you have ideas or you can help us otherwise (for instance by distributing the posters in your town), write to our e-mail