A sadist cut all four limbs of a dog

Unidentified perpetrator mutiliated violently a pet dog in the Bulgarian town of Drianovo. Mima the dog has suffered terrifying horror and was found in shock by the son of her owner - Dobromir Donchev. Her life is already out of danger, the wounds are healing, and people try to take care of Mima as much as they can. It is not clear yet how her life can be improved but currently Mima can't walk.

According to the existing laws in Bulgaria, the worst possible punishment is a fine between 250 and 500EUR - this deed is just and administrative violation and nothing more!

A signal to all the media was sent by the son of the dog's owner and people in the village organized a Petition with signatures for the incrimination of the extreme cruelty to animals, and over 400 signatures were gathered in the village for just one day. The society is obviously shaken by the fact that such cruelty can be punished with a light penalty and is not regarded as a felony.